In a recent interview with, iconic actor, Donald Sutherland expressed his views on the new Hunger Games film that will be hitting the screens in less than two weeks.  In addition to talking about his career, he made some comparisons between the struggle of the main character, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and the ongoing Occupy Movement.

For those that don’t know the story of The Hunger Games, it is a dystopian film set in the nation of Panem – all that remains of what were once the governments ofNorth America.  Sutherland plays the president of this new nation, Coriolanus Snow.

The “Hunger Games” proper are a forced contest where 24 people, aged 13 to 18, participate in a fight-to-the-death scenario where the reward is enough to keep the victor comfortable for the rest of their lives.  The games are televised so that the whole nation can enjoy the brutality of murder.  Katniss is, of course, the underdog in the story, being forced to compete against a slew of ringers, trained since birth to kick-ass at this game.

In Sutherland’s rather eclectic interview, he states that he never read the books, but loved the screenplay when it was sent to him.  He was further overwhelmed when he realized exactly how popular the books were and that the upcoming film was generating a huge amount of interest.

He talks a bit about his interpretations of the leadership role that his character holds, and the balancing of being in control of the nation and how that leader must keep his poor citizens under control by using hope.  Hope in the form of the Hunger Games reward and the televised event to keep the masses entertained.

Sutherland makes some vague references in comparing The Hunger Games to the Occupy Movement and of how the movie has the potential to motivate a younger generation to seek to change things.

While the comparisons that Sutherland makes are somewhat intriguing, his articulation of them is a bit dizzying.  The interview reads like a maze of words, pauses and run-on-sentences, completely unedited and somewhat unintelligible.

Those who wish to read the full interview, should check out to get their own take on what Donald Sutherland had to say.

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