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Dragon Ball Raging Blast made an impact to the Dragon Ball Universe by introducing Super Saiyan 3 Broli and Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta, but failed by not giving them both a proper story. The Dragon Ball video games tend to have some What-If stories that tickles and satisfies my Dragon Balls as I dream for a new episode or movie to happen. Well, Raging Blast 2 is looking to make an impact as well but this time, with a 30 minute anime episode.

Raging Blast 2 will have a remake of the “OAV that wasn’t really a OAV” Plans to Eradicate the Saiyans. That’s right, Dr. Raichi and Hacchi Hyack will be in HD with the newly titled Plans to Eradicate the Super Saiyans. The episode will be viewable as soon as you put the disk in and there will be a video game story mode revolving around the episode. Oh yay, more reasons to fight Freeza since he’ll be in his “Ghost” form.

Now, I wasn’t a huge fan of Raging Blast due to it being based on the Budokai Tenkaichi mechanics but this may be enough of a reason for me to get RB2 since I’m all for a new anime episode. If the animation will be anything like the Jump Super Anime Tour special from 2008, then I’ll indeed be nerdgasaming over this game.

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