The-New-Dragon-Con-LogoSo big it had to be cut up into smaller chunks so you wouldn’t be overwhelmed with Cosplay madness, here’s the second portion of NerdBastards Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay coverage. Dragon Con 2014 may be over, but the cosplay lives on as cosplayers get home, unload their suitcases and download all those wonderful Cosplay pictures.

Across the Internet cosplayers are asking others for any pictures they may have taken of them during the four-day convention. In fact, you might have seen a meme like this one earlier today:


So take a look at the gallery below and share this post with any friends that made this second posting of Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay.

MLZ Studios has posted this fantastic video look at the incredible League of Legends Cosplay that stormed Dragon Con 2014.

Take a look back at that first picture in the gallery. It’s kinda blurry and hard to see, but that is one huge Skyrim dragon lurking up there. It eventually came down for the rest of us mortals to gawk at and James Jackson caught it all on video:

Here’s the hallway picture I got later that day:

Dragon Con 2014 354 (Copy)

That wraps up another look at the wonderful cosplay of Dragon Con 2014. Check back for more later!

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