We’re back with another Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay Gallery, this makes Part Three of what should end as a Five Part series. We took a heck of a lot of pictures over four days. Enjoy the Cosplay gallery, then check out the two Cosplay videos below.

Let’s jump right into the Cosplay Gallery Part Three, but if you haven’t checked out Part One or Part Two use those links to go back and see what you’ve missed.

Crimson Arrow put together a fantastic Dragon Con 2014 Epic Cosplay Video. We’re still waiting on Beat Down Boogie‘s for 2014, but this video is very well done and deserves some extra hits and thumbs ups.

You probably remember the Volpin Props camouflage carpet soldiers from last year:


This year they upped the ante with the addition of a Carpet Camouflaged Powered Jeep:

Dragon Con 2014 232 (Copy)

What you might not have seen was when Volpin Props Carpet Jeep and the TMNT Turtle Van went down stairs to drag race each other.

I was sorry I missed the race when it happened, but happy that Volpin captured the event and posted the video on their Facebook site.

There were other carpet loving cosplays:

Once the flood gates open, you know there will be a river of carpet themed cosplays. I say bring it! The more the merrier. There’s just so much going on at Dragon Con at all hours of the day and night that you can’t hope to capture anything but what’s happening right in front of you in the moment. It’s four days of furious fun and then after one long day of rest, you’ve got to search the Internet to see what you missed. Lucky for you that we’ve got it all right here.

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