Here it is, the last Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay post. It took five posts to get everything I saw this year onto the site. This time around we’ve got the last of the Dragon Con 2014 stills, another couple of great musical Cosplay video, a look at how the local and national news covered Dragon Con 2014.Lets’ start out with the Dragon Con Cospaly Gallery Part 5. If you missed the first three you should use these links to check them out:

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The Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang dou in the gallery above, Chris and Leah D’Andrea-Lee, performed their Master Class winning show at the Saturday night Masquerade. It’s a wonderful performance of that Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang scene:

It made me a little sad to upload the last photo I took at this year’s Dragon Con, but it also made my happy that I’ve got just over 51 weeks to get ready for next year. So much to do in so little time!

Here’s a new Cosplay video from Griffin Colonge, it’s packed full of (Holy crap it’s 28 minutes long!) great cosplays and moments from Dragon Con 2014. After watching it I will say that I think he’s really captured that feeling of wonder and delight one can get just walking the hotel lobbies and halls. There’s just so much going on and you never know what you might see just around the corner.

YouTube user Rocket Raccoon shot a great Borderlands video featuring a great look at those who came to the Borderlands Cosplay shoot this year. You wouldn’t want to miss all these great costumes and the twerking Mad Moxi!

Here’s a couple of examples of how the local media covered the event. You might cringe at a few moments here and there as the local news tries to read things off the cue cards that they really don’t have a handle on, often grabbing tightly to anything even slightly familiar and trying to expound on it.

HLN had Manu Bennett on for a bit of pre-Dragon Con press. You can see the difference it makes in having someone who at least researched their interview subject beyond a quick Wiki search.

USA Today had a great little video look at the parade and all the preparation it takes to put on such a big show each year.

That wraps up another year of Dragon Con magic. At least until we get some of the bigger Cosplay videos like Beat Down Boogie hitting the Internet. The countdown to next year has already begun with entire blocks of Hotel rooms selling out in less than 10 minutes, and cosplayers already planning big costumes for 2015. Here’s a helpful countdown timer:

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