Dreamworks Wants to Do Halo Movie


You guys want a Halo Movie?  Well, meet the folks who could finally make that happen.  Dreamworks is in  talks to revive the project and bring some life back into the project.  With the game Halo Reach making around $200 million in its first day, there is no reason not to transfer it into a kick ass movie!  Stuart Beattle (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) even wrote a spec script for it back in 2007.  However, Universal is too far in the hole to make the project happen no matter how badly Microsoft wants it to happen.  So what exactly is Dreamworks’ plan to make this happen?  They are being incredible smart and stating that they will be adapting the novels, not the game; thus avoiding any conflict or having to pay Universal any money.  The article in Vulture also brings to the forefront a big risk with having Halo made into a movie.  If it isn’t as successful as the game it can potentially ruin the franchise.  Another thing is that dealing with Dreamworks means dealing with Steven Speilberg.

So do you guys think that Dreamworks can bring this thing to life?

Source: SlashFilm

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