The bad news is, this ISN’T a film sequel to 2012’s underappreciated Dredd–the second and far superior big screen adaptation of 2000 A.D.‘s Judge Dredd (despite how badly some people wish it were).

The good news is the UK’s Judge Dredd Magazine continued the story of the film in serial form, and the comic will be released in the US in January by 2000 A.D. as Dredd: Underbelly

Created by Arthur Wyatt and Henry Flint, Dredd: Underbelly will be available as your basic comic book, and on a Kindle Fire, Nook and 2000 A.D. iPad app.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to 2000 A.D. editor Matt Smith who said:

We’ve noted a real swell of U.S. interest in Dredd off the back of the film. This first foray for 2000 AD in producing a U.S.-format book, geared specifically to the [comic book] direct market, and aimed at satisfying those demanding a sequel, is a stumm gas grenade-style lob across the Atlantic to show that you don’t have to camp outside your local multiplex to get your next fix of Mega-City One — the Judge will carry on enforcing the Law through the pages of the comic. Arthur and Henry [creators Arthur Wyatt and Henry Flint] have created a terrific story, and a powerful follow-up to the film – Dredd fans won’t be disappointed

I don’t know about the “won’t be disappointed” part: As a non-comic reader I’d much prefer another film….no offense intended, that’s just my personal taste.

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