Adequate training and enough start up capital not withstanding, your dreams of being Batman are now one step closer to reality… thanks to this real returning batarang from boomerangsbyvix. Watch the video below to see this wonderful toy in action.

All you need now is for someone to dispose of your parents (not to avenge them or anything, it’s just most parents don’t approve of their offspring playing with an object of death) and learn how to actually throw/catch a boomerang, and you’ll be just that much closer to becoming “the night”. Seriously, throwing a boomerang sounds fun, but let’s see you not act like a scarecrow when that spinning weapon comes barreling back at you.

The Batarang isn’t for sale as of yet, but it’s coming soon (and hopefully smaller versions will be available, the one shown in video is too large for your everyday batbelt). In the mean time, you may want to consider boomerangsbyvix other boomerang creations inspired by movie and video games weapons. Looking at Black Op 2′s Hell Retriever and the Glaive from Krull, I’m completely baffled and how these shapes that should defy physics, are able to return to the thrower.

Hell Retriver:


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