Yes folks, if you still don’t believe it, Duke Nukem Forever will finally come out. After 13 years of developmental hell, publishing hell, and who knows what else was thrown in front of Duke, we will finally be able to see the ass kicking character on our 360, PS3, and PC. When you ask? Well it seems that retailers are “predicting” for a February 1st, 2011 release date for the game.

At the moment, Gearbox has commented that it is a placeholder and personally I hope it is because I want the game to come out in April. Why? It’s because it was April of 1997 when the game was first announced so why not make it a complete 14 years for the game to finally be released. Any of you readers excited for the game to finally come out or do you think the game will be crap and won’t play it at all? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment.

Source: Kotaku

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