Hello friends, and welcome to another edition of DVD Tuesday, where we break down the newest nerd titles on the DVD shelves and let you know where to put ’em (No, not there. Never there. And don’t do that with your Star Wars figures either; your kids might get those one day.). It’s not a very exciting week, I’m afraid, but there are a few bright spots. Check it out:


Wall-E (Three Disc Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)

In a futuristic world, human beings have destroyed Earth and evacuated the planet, leaving the cleanup to an army of robots they’ve programmed to do their dirty work. Due to a mishap, the dutiful WALL-E is the only one left. But with the arrival of a female probe, the monotony of WALL-E‘s existence is broken — and he experiences love for the first time. Andrew Stanton directs this Golden Globe- and Oscar-winning Pixar tale with a sci-fi twist.

Though The Incredibles might be their biggest nod to nerds, the good people at Pixar have a reputation for turning everything they touch to gold, and Wall-E just might go down as their classic of classics. It contains all the hallmarks of a Pixar film – humor, heartwarming cuteness, gorgeous animation and brilliant storytelling – along with a message about the planet and a sci-fi setting that’s made it a modern essential. This week it hits shelves in a super-ultra-mega edition with lots of bells and whistles, so if you don’t have it in your collection yet, now would be the time.

Transformers Japanese Collection: Headmasters

A year has passed since the events of Sunbow’s third season, and the war between Convoy’s (a/k/a Optimus Prime) Cybertrons and the Destrons has finally come to its conclusion. Peace once again reigns supreme over the galaxy: but the game quickly changes with the emergence of a new breed of Transformers . . . the Headmasters!

Now you can finally watch the rarely seen Japanese series that’s had Transformers and anime fans talking for over 20 years! Includes the original Japanese audio with brand-new English subtitles!

It’s a show about fighting robots. Of course the Japanese had to get in on this action. If you’re a die hard fan of 80s animation, anime or just fighting cartoon robots, you’ve got to get in on this action. This is what happens when Japan imports the American Transformers series for a couple of years, then wants to strike out on their own. You might not understand a damn thing that’s going on, but then again you don’t when Michael Bay’s directing either, so what’s stopping you?

Hobo with a Shotgun: Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray

A train pulls into the station it’s the end of the line. A Hobo jumps from a freight car, hoping for a fresh start in a new city. Instead, he finds himself trapped in an urban hell. This is a world where criminals rule the streets and Drake, the city’s crime boss, reigns supreme alongside his sadistic murderous sons, Slick & Ivan. Amidst the chaos, the Hobo comes across a pawn shop window displaying a second hand lawn mower. He dreams of making the city a beautiful place and starting a new life for himself. But as the brutality continues to rage around him, he notices a shotgun hanging above the lawn mower… Quickly, he realizes the only way to make a difference in this town is with that gun in his hand and two shells in its chamber.

Rutger Hauer is a hobo. He’s fed up. He buys a shotgun. He uses it. If that’s not enough to sell you on this flick, I really don’t know what I can do to help you.


13 Assassins

To stop a tyrant from murdering and exploiting innocent civilians, 13 samurai warriors unite and prepare to end his life. But to kill the evildoer, the assassins must contend with an army of deadly bodyguards who outnumber them by a wide margin. Directed by acclaimed and prolific Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike, this action-packed samurai remake features Yusuke Iseya, Koji Yakusho, Takayuki Yamada and Tsuyoshi Ihara.

If you’re really into samurai flicks, you may as well just buy this thing, but if you’re on the fence, or if you’re not sure the brutality of it is for you, you might want to give it a rent first. The infamous Takashi Miike helms this picture, a remake of a samurai classic, so brace yourself for lots of uber-blood sword death.

Boy Meets World: The Complete Sixth Season

“Boy Meets World” is back for Cory (Ben Savage) and the gang’s freshman year of college. Relive the funniest and most endearing moments as your favorite characters enter a new phase in their lives. Cory and Topanga learn to exist as an engaged couple, Shawn decides to continue his education, and Eric and Jack find the perfect new roommate. Just when they think they’re growing up, life only gets more complicated.

Deny it all you want; you watched Boy Meets World, and you probably still want to watch Boy Meets World. You’d probably even watch a reunion special that showcases Cory and Topanga’s life as parents to teenagers in their own right (OK, maybe not, but it’s possible.). Also, Rider Strong. That is all.

Eureka Season 4.0

Everything you thought you knew about the small town of Eureka is about to change. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) and the resident geniuses are accustomed to the strange occurrences that make their town unlike any other. But when five of them are shunted back in time to Eureka’s Founder’s Day their return trip delivers them to a present-day Eureka that’s anything but familiar. With new jobs new residents and new romances in store it’s definitely not business as usual in this small town where the big secrets just got even bigger. Same town. Big changes.Starring: Colin Ferguson Joe Morton Greg Germann

This series about a town full of geniuses and the sheriff that oversees them is still going strong on SyFy, and I’d like to think we nerds can keep it that way. Who knows, you might even want to buy this one.

The Cape: The Complete Series

He’s righteous. He’s heroic. He’s The Cape. Vince Faraday (David Lyons) is an honest cop on a corrupt police force. But when he’s framed for murder and presumed dead he finds that he must go into hiding leaving behind his wife Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) and son Trip (Ryan Wynott). Determined to battle the criminals who now control his hometown Vince takes the law into his own hands and becomes The Cape—his son’s favorite comic book superhero. Featuring an incredible supporting cast including James Frain (The Tudors) Keith David (Death at a Funeral) Summer Glau (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) Dorian Missick (The Manchurian Candidate) Martin Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Vinnie Jones (Snatch) it’s the action-packed series that has critics raving “‘The Cape’ is cloaked in awesome.” (OK! Magazine)

The reviews of this series, both from critics and viewers, range from awesome to awesomely terrible, but either way it’s probably worth a look. It was yet another attempt by NBC to get superhero fun time into their lineup (which you have to admire), but it crashed and burned after less than a season (when are they going to learn they should just give Grant Morrison his own show?). Now all that’s left is for us to overanalyze its successes and failures and create websites to either bring it back or kill it forever. The battle begins now.



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