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With the recently hot topic of Marvel posting release dates of a plethora of future flicks, everybody forgets that Warner Brothers has 11 comic book movies also in development. Like that bald-headed stepchild its parents keep ditching at the mall, DC has a habit of getting lost in the Hollywood shuffle and struggles to get attention. Today, we got a new piece of news concerning Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and his oft-reported plans of playing a superhero. No stranger to dropping hints, The Rock has a big mouth on Twitter and in interviews when it comes to donning tights on film. Problem is, he can almost never be trusted. But here he is again tossing clues like softballs about what seems like a done deal. 

Total Film sat the People’s Champion down for a little talk about what he’s got cookin’ with DC Entertainment. He claims there will be a formal announcement “very soon,” and shoots down rumors of his playing Green Lantern John Stewart right off the bat. I’m also thinking he’ll never take on Sandman, which is high on the DC hotlist. So how many choices are there exactly?

The only word I can think of saying is “SHAZAM!” The man is 6’5, gets more diesel with age and is absolutely hilarious. These are all fantastic reasons why he would’ve made the perfect Lobo, but every time that rumor gets squashed, somebody (The Rock) brings it up again. But Lobo doesn’t have the “power of Superman” and I’m betting when you “say the word,” that word isn’t “fragger.” That word is “Shazam.” Johnson is alluding to the possibility of his starring in a film adaptation of Shazam and there’s no point in our pussyfooting around about it.

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To the noobs, little Billy Batson is the luckiest kid on the planet. He somehow gained ancient powers that enable him to transform into a god-like behemoth by saying the word “Shazam.” The character was called Captain Marvel forever, but recently somebody wised up and just retconned the hero’s name. Once morphed, the manly powerhouse is still a kid inside and that provides some real comedy dialogue potential for Dwayne Johnson to mess around with. But who the hell says he’s playing the title character?


Originally the top threat in Shazam’s rather limited rogues gallery, Black Adam has since been redefined as an antihero, but still a foe to Shazam nonetheless. Ranked by IGN as one of the greatest comic book villains of all time, he’s basically a Bad Guy Shazam. Same powers, same transformation sequence. He’s like Superman’s Bizarro, only not an idiot. And it’s a role tailor-made for Johnson, but only time will tell whether anything comes of this news. For that matter, could this even possibly be a Black Adam movie instead?

I’ve been a huge fan of this guy for 15 years. Since his debut in the WWF, he’s done nothing but dazzle the world with his charisma, humor and crazy builtness. His rise in the ranks of wrestling royalty was sparked by an unprecedented 3rd generation legacy – his dad being former federation champion Rocky Johnson and grandfather the late Great High Chief Pete Maivia. No matter what this guy did in the ring as a heel or a face, he was worshiped by wrestling fans, and it was only a matter of time before he Hulk Hogan’d his way to Hollywood. But my question is this: why the hell hasn’t this guy been playing superheroes all along?? Nobody in the history of film is more perfectly suited to comic book movies than Dwayne Johnson. I have a theory, but it’s probably better aimed at a different discussion. And it has to do with race.

Either way, the dice are tossed to provide two timelines: 1. The Rock’s going to play a comic book character pretty soon, or 2. No he won’t. This info will turn to fairy dust and disappear until he cries wolf again in his next tweet. But if DC is playing their cards right, they won’t have to beg for attention much longer and we fans are just this much closer to seeing this in live action:

*** UPDATE ***

Gosh, I wonder if the Rock is going to play Shazam or Black Adam? Hercules star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has taken to Twitter to seemingly reveal which DC character he’ll be playing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.00.54 PM

The cheeky bastard still hasn’t revealed which character he’s going to be playing, but he has seemingly confirmed it’s one or the other – Shazam or Black Adam. Unless I am wrong (and I am hardly ever wrong), I think Warner Bros. is going to surprise a lot of people this year at Comic Con when  The Rock walks out on stage and confirms %100 what his role is. Not sure which one I want him to be though, he’s got the charisma and goofiness for Captain Marvel/Shazam. But he’s also got the looks and badassness for Black Adam!

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