Dyson’s Bladeless Fan: Blow Me

Fan 1

When it comes to fans, I always have one in my bedroom. Middle of winter, the window is open and the fan is on. I cannot sleep without it. I lay in bed, spread eagle with only my boxers on. Next to me, my girlfriend, with 3 layers of clothes on, my black comforter, her comforter, and a knit blanket wrapped around her, teeth chattering while she is yelling at me to turn the fan so its not facing her. Awww…this is heaven, for me anyways. So, when I saw this new bladeless fan (even though there are blades in the motor) I was kinda interested. After all, try cleaning a fan. Not as easy as it looks. And a fan can get dirty very quickly if your like me and dusting is on the lower end of the to-do list. My take on it: the thing is ugly. It is a round hole. Why in hell would I want something ugly in my room let alone spend $299-$329 on it? I wouldn’t. Ok, so at least I won’t chop my finger off-but if I did it would probably be cheaper to have my finger sewn back on rather then buy this thing. And here’s my question, why is it considered a “window” fan if obviously it has a stand and probably wouldn’t even fit in a window? Just a question. I might be more inclined to like it if were called something more suitable, like, a TABLE fan. Just a thought. The thing might be all wonderful and work great but for $25 I have a big old fan that is marvelous and does just what I need it do; keep me comfortable and keep my girlfriend freezing cold so she can’t cuddle with me. Check it out for yourselves. Would you buy this thing? And if you would what is wrong with you?

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Thanks Gizmodo.

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