Dead Space was a big game when it came out.  Dead Space 2 was also a big game.  They’re both still pretty big, but it’s also starting to get fuckin’ old.  And this is exactly when franchises decide to bombard their audience with 81352 spin-offs, sequels and other bullshit.

Dead Space 3 hasn’t even been confirmed yet, but apparently it’ll be set on an ice planet called Tau Volantis with the option of a co-op mode.  The idea is that it’ll be the last in a trilogy with Isaac as the main character.

Some of the other shit EA has got in mind for other Dead Space games include a first person shooter, an “Uncharted-like game” and a flight game (hey, guys, I’m on a ship!).  Really, what the hell is the point?  All they’re doing is taking an idea that was cool and expanding it far beyond its reaches to the land of contrived fuckery.

Note that none of these ideas are official at this point.  Who knows how many of them will actually come to fruition.  What are you guys looking forward to seeing, if anything?

Source: Kotaku

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