Before the credits finished rolling at the midnight screening of 2009’s Star Trek there was already chatter about who’d be the villain in the sequel, and invariably, Khan’s name would come up. Since then, Star Trek Into Darkness has been plagued by the ‘Is he? Or isn’t he?’ question. When Benicio del Toro was rumored to be the villain the internet cried, “Yes, it’s Khan!” But once del Toro was out and the most English of Englishmen was in, it couldn’t possibly be Khan, could it?

With the very first international screenings of Into Darkness wrapping and those early reviews coming in, the true identity of Benedict Cumberbatch‘s villain is about to get out. Is he simply John Harrison, terrorist and scourge of the Federation, or something more?

What you’ll find below the cut isn’t exactly confirmation. We can’t make that claim until we’ve seen the movie ourselves, something we can’t do until May 15th when the film releases early in IMAX 3D, but an early review from Furious Fanboys reveals all. I don’t believe they’d lie, unless they’re in a competition to be crowned the trolliest of internet trolls, – which isn’t entirely out of the question, have you met the internet? – so I’m thinking their claim is legit.

Okay, tired of me filling time and space and just want to know? Hit the jump.

All right, last chance to bail out. I know I thought long and hard about this before I clicked on Tor‘s story linking me to the Furious Fanboys’ review. I mean, did I really want to spoil what could potentially be such a giant reveal? After a few minute’s hesitation, I went for it. In the end, for me, knowing whether Cumberbatch was really Khan or not wouldn’t spoil what I’m hoping to be a damn good film. And since you’ve followed me this far down the rabbit hold I’m gonna guess you feel the same way. Or you don’t give a shit about Star Trek, won’t see the flick, and just want to know anyway.

Cumberbatch is playing Khan. From the FF review,

Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness. All that bullshit of him not being Khan and really ‘John Harrison’ was just a cover to hide the truth from moviegoers. Oh, he does go by ‘John Harrison’ in the movie…but that’s not his real name. He reveals his name to Kirk later in the movie.

I can’t say I ever really doubted he was Khan. All the misdirection with this John Harrison character just reeked of Miranda Tate in The Dark Knight Rise, who by the end turned out to be Talia al Ghul like we had all suspected from the beginning. The FF review is not a good one, but, thankfully, they seem to be in the minority.

Graffiti With Punctuation praise J.J. Abrams‘ ability to blend the elements of Star Wars with Star Trek, saying,

J.J. Abrams applies that big-budget action spectacle to the Trek franchise, whilst staying true to the brand. Trek is not Star Wars and the Enterprise isn’t running into an awaiting Empire armada hiding behind Endor’s moon – the Fleet’s directive is to find peaceful solutions.

Which is what I believe Abrams managed to do the first time around. And IGN UK’s early review is also positive, though hints it may not live up to the first,

Abrams doesn’t quite repeat this trick – although to call it a trick is doing him somewhat of a disservice –  but does manage to solidify Star Trek as one of our most palatable blockbuster franchises moving forward. While it may not be the most sophisticated of sci-fi spectacles you’ll see this year, Into Darkness will certainly be one of the most fun.

Lastly, blatantly tells us Into Darkness is exactly what we expected from a Star Trek sequel, and that’s not a bad thing,

If you were to put it bluntly, Into Darkness is more of what we saw in 2009. It’s a riveting action-adventure in space, complete with interpersonal relationships. The bro-mance between Kirk and Spock is in full force here. Grown men cry. And yes, it looks like a JJ Abrams film. There’s the lens flare, and the camera tracking a crashing spaceship might as well be a bigger version of the plane from the LOST pilot. Smoke billows and it all feels very real, like you could reach out and touch it.

These early reviews also all praise Cumberbatch’s performance, so even though he is playing Khan and I know some will be quite disappointed about that, I’m holding judgement until I see it for myself. Knowing he’s Khan and seeing what he and Abrams have done with Khan are two very different things.

What do think about all this? Does it make you more or less excited for Into Darkness? Were shocked all the rumors are true?

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