Who the villain will be in J.J. Abrams’ sequel to 2009’s Star Trek is the question on everyone’s lips. Well, anyone whose eagerly anticipating this sequel, which is all of us, right? Good. First we heard Benicio Del Toro was to be cast and possibly playing well-loved nemesis, Khan Noonien Singh. Then Abrams assured us he was NOT playing Khan and finally Del Toro turned down the project all together.

So where’s that leave us? Alive Eve and Peter Weller have been the most recent and high profile additions yet there’s still no word on a villain. Granted we also have no clue where the sequel will take the intrepid Enterprise crew but a villain would be a giant hint as to their proposed direction. If they do indeed have their sights set on casting a new Khan it would make sense for them to keep looking Latin actors.

Well look at this, wouldn’t you know it, actor Édgar Ramírez (Carlos, CheDominoThe Bourne Ultimatum) is believed to be the frontrunner for Star Trek 2‘s villian. And guess what!? As if the name didn’t give it away. Ramírez is a Latin actor, hailing from Venezuela, making him just what they’d be looking for in a young Ricardo Montalbon. Variety is reporting Ramírez will have a screen test soon, via Skype of all things, and after that we’ll have some kind of announcement.

Do you think it’s a sure thing Khan will be the villain of Star Trek 2? Seems likely with the actors their seeking, but I still believe an all new, original villain would be the way to go.

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