Pitch Perfect 2 was one of the hits off summer, and though it hardly scored Jurassic World numbers, it has collected almost $184 million domestically since its May release and has a passionate fanbase. Not bad for a first time director. Elizabeth Banks is very well-known for her work as an actress in flicks like The Hunger Games, Role Models, The 40 Year Old Virgin and the recent Love & Mercy, but now she’s making a play to be a well-known director. Her next project, apparently, is a remake of the 1970s TV hit Charlie’s Angels, but the more compelling question is what direction is she going to take the franchise in?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Banks has signed up to make a new movie version of the classic show, which will be produced by her production partner Max Handelman. That’s about all we know so far as there’s no writer or cast attached yet, nor is there a release date, but Banks’ schedule is fairly wide open at the moment with only a TV movie called The Greater Good, and a reprise of her Pitch Perfect role in Banks’ immediate future. Theoretically, Banks’ could start prepping Charlie’s Angels anytime.

Of course, this is the latest twist in the long history of the franchise. Charlie’s Angels ran for five seasons on ABC from 1976 to 1981. The show followed the adventures of three private investigators who left the police force and worked for the enigmatic Charles “Charlie” Townshead, who is always only ever heard by speaker phone and never seen in person. The series was turned into two campy, candy-stripped movies from McG in 2000 and 2003, which starred Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. The show was then briefly remade for TV in 2011 from the guys that created Smallville.

So what might Banks do with the material? Well, the obvious answer would be a “reverse-Ghostbusters” where the Angels are three hot guys and Charlie’s a woman, but that seems rather simplistic an approach. This does come from Sony Pictures, and they had great success with the 21 Jump Street franchise, a firmly tongue-in-cheek action comedy that had honest laughs and a meta commentary, so perhaps Sony’s looking to give Angels the “Jump Street” treatment. Now, what are the odds that the Angels will be played by Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and Rebel Wilson?

We’ll have more information about this project as it develops.

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