Wonder® Woman by mleak

Wonder® Woman by mleak

When you’re snacking on PB&J made from unhealthy white bread, what do you start thinking about? If you’re a certain Flickr user, you apparently think about sculpting a pseudo-Amazonian princess.

mleak used 11 loaves of Wonder Bread to create her Wonder Woman (get it?), using the carbs for feet, hair and everything in between. In her Flickr gallery, she states that she originally made her creation in her own height, but nature had its way with Princess Diana and shrunk her a bit.

While I don’t see a resemblance to the Wonder Woman we know and love, I still think this is an awesomely creative project. If schools would get kids to do stuff like this instead of doing those hand-turkey things year after year, our world would be a lot more interesting.

Thanks to ComicsAlliance.com for the tip.

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