Metal Bikini Clad Betty White Wielding a Chainsaw, Riding a Centaur Jon Ritter. Will Wheaton Riding a UniCATdragon, Fighting off an orc. Batman on the Moon, Pregnant With Superman’s Child. Now, there is another piece of majesty to add to the pantheon of epic what-the-fuck-but-totally-awesome nerd art, and that is Chewbacca Riding a Giant Squirrel Fighting Off Nazis.

This comes to us from DeviantARTist gamefan84, a.k.a. Tyler Edlin. Who, as far as I’m concerned has just won the internet.

What makes this even more of a delight is it was actually a commissioned job.  Meaning some nerd(s) (coked out of their mind) came to him and said ” Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel and using a crossbow to fight gun-toting Nazis. Make it happen”.

If you, like DeviantARTist “pooface12345,” wish to “hang this on the wall of [your] mahogany paneled study,” you’re in luck: small prints are available for $9.32, and large ones for $33.32

hit the jump for a full size image


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