Steven Spielberg knows something about breaking box office records. His breakthrough film, Jaws, became the first big, blockbuster of its kind and was the biggest money-maker in history until it was beaten by Star Wars just two years later. Spielberg took the crown back in 1982 with E.T., but lost it when Star Wars was re-released in its Special Edition form in 1997. From there, James Cameron took the top spot twice with Titanic and then Avatar, but Spielberg is betting a new box office champ will dominate again very soon, and it’s name is Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

While talking to RTL, still making rounds of press for his latest film Bridge of Spies, Spielberg was asked for his thoughts about the upcoming seventh Wars film. Spielberg’s got a lot of personal capital invested in Star Wars, his frequent collaborator Kathleen Kennedy is a producer, and his former padawan J.J. Abrams (for whom he produced Super 8) is the director. So tell us your thoughts on The Force Awakens oh bearded one.

I’m a true fan of Star Wars, but I have always felt it was not in my stars to ever direct one. But it was in my stars to admire and attend and see each one numerous times. And I think this new Star Wars could be the biggest movie ever.

I think that’s a safe bet, Steve. Seriously, with nearly $100 million in advanced ticket sales alone, if The Force Awakens doesn’t become the biggest box office hit of all time it will almost been seen as a complete and utter disappointment. According to /Film, Spielberg’s seen The Force Awakens three times already, so he should know of what he speaks. Hopefully he’s just not being overly optimistic for the sake of friends and colleagues in terms of the film’s quality. Still, we know what people think of the prequels and those movies still made a lot of money. Things can’t get any worse, right?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be in theaters everywhere on December 18.

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