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One of the biggest complaints that some people have (including myself) about certain super hero flicks is that they’re made to appeal to the larger audience, thus sacrificing the integrity of a character for the sake of making that PG-13 rating.  With The Wolverine – James Mangold’s latest take on the rage-munchkin we all know and love – it seemed particularly out of place.  The character of Wolverine is, after all, a man that cuts people into little fkn pieces at the drop of a hat.  Luckily, some of this is being addressed with the release of an Extended and Unrated cut of the film for home viewers.  But does it measure up in the long run?

The folks over at /film checked out the new cut and had a few opinions on the matter.  According to what they had to say, there is plenty more in the blood and guts department and even a bit more explicit language, but while the violence may be stepped up, the maturity of the story isn’t.  You can head over and read what they have to say for a full breakdown (including several spoilers!), but the basic gist of their judgment is that there ain’t much that makes the movie better – it’s just more graphic.

So while The Wolverine may not have been the end-all of little-hairy-men-with-razor-claws films, it was at least a step forward in getting movie companies to be a bit more experimental in what they allow to go into a film, even if it did have to have its own cut.  Maybe someday we’ll even see a super hero flick that pushes the boundaries.  I’m guessing that won’t be a Wolverine movie though.  After all, they need the lil’ guy to keep making them buttloads of cash across all age demographics.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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