Extract. What a ridiculous name for a movie! What’s extract? Real extract?! Like, syrup for baking!? Well….Yes.

Director Mike Judge is back since Office Space, and he brought the thunder. A depressing comedy that makes you laugh and feel stress! Genius! And you know why? Because this entire movie is absolutely realistic! It took the awkward vibe from office space and made it dirty. Turned it into a reality. Took real people’s real problems and made them into real situations. All is addressed, from sexless wives, to drugs, to annoying co-workers, to annoying neighbors, to bad, bad days. And Jason Bateman’s Joel embraces all these horrible things about our lives and tries to be the best man he can about it. Basically, trying to get through the rest of a shitty existence with a smile, you can’t blame him and at times relate to him. After many years of a boring marriage, Joel is duped (drugged) by Ben Affleck (IMPRESSIVLY SCENE STEALING) into thinking it’s a good idea to hire a gigolo to seduce his wife. So that he can romance a girl at work (Mila Kunis in a smaller than expected part), and possibly not feel guilty about cheating back. With a cast of total stereotypes we all know, they flesh out this film by being real stereotypes that you probably hang out with. You identify with Bateman by the people he surrounds himself with and who get him into trouble.

            The real hook for this movie besides its smart, and brutally honest dialogue, is Affleck, back from his hiatus, he does for this film what James Franco did for Pineapple Express. His Yoda-esque appeal (and look) as well as his pill and drug pushing is only rivaled by his wisdom. You need to see him in this to believe the transition, my wife, didn’t even recognize him. Purely one of the most memorable roles he’s done.

            There isn’t too many problems in this movie, only that it will bring you down at some points with extreme thoughts of red wine and a revolver. But if that doesn’t bother you, you may have yourself a gem here.

            You go into Extract and think you know what the world really is about, and until you see the real world onscreen and the portrayal of this horror makes you think, maybe, your life isn’t so bad.


4 out of 5 Stars

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