We survived the Raptor invasion, and as a reward we get another episode of Mortal Kombat Legacy. This is the episode everyone has been whining and bitching about since the second episode of the series. When will we see Sub-Zero? Why can’t I just bask in Scorpion? Why I am naughty dreams about Scorpion….oh wait….maybe not that, but for sure this episode can finally quell the impatience, sort of. Now, let’s review this episode!

Spoiler Alert! (The following information reveals plot, and storylines which will come as a surprise to those who have not watched the episode yet. So, you can take the red pill to watch the show and come back to read the following review, or the blue bill which gives you all the info and then you watch the show. Choose wisely)

Directed by Kevin Tancharoen from a script by Todd and Aaron Helbing, the episode stars Ian Anthony Dale as Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Kevan Ohtsji as Sub-Zero, Maurissa Tancharoen as Kana, Brandon Nomura as Jubei, Michael Rogers as Quan Chi and Johnson Phan as Shang Tsung.

Official plot from Machinima:

“Hanzo Hasashi, better known as the warrior Scorpion, is summoned to meet with the Shogun of Kumamoto Castle. While traveling, the fearless General of the Shirai Ryu clan encounters his mortal enemy, Sub-Zero. Scorpion realizes too late that this trap has led him away from his village and family, leaving them without means to defend themselves. He knows that he must defeat Sub-Zero and return to his village before it is too late.”

This episode is overall well executed, and draws the viewer into Scorpion’s realm.  What really shocked me about this episode was how un-mystical his ability is. For so many years I was under the impression that the weapons he shot out of his hands were a part of his body, but see that they are a skill honed through years of training. I was surprised, but by all means very impressed. Sub-Zero, on the other hand, did not stray far from his video game portrayal and his mask was kind of out of place compared to Scorpion’s which fit the time era. My two main qualms with this episode though, were that: 1) It was too short, and felt like a real c**k tease to all those expectant and anxious for this show down and  2) I was just slightly confused with the conversation between Hanzo and his wife about their son’s future aspirations. Maybe it was just that I had to read subtitles for what they were saying and might have missed something, but that kind of threw me for a loop. Overall I give this: 3 1/2 out of 5 awesome tacos! ( just because it was such a tease! )

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