Today on the Howard Stern Show, Fake Arnold called in:

Fake Arnold Schwarzenegger called in to say he was sorry to hear about the death of Howard’s aunt – referencing his father-in-law’s own death: “We lost our dear Teddy, of course. Finally.” Howard asked after California’s struggling economy, so Fake Arnold explained that Californian’s were “a bunch of pussies” and “expendables.” Fake Arnold then introduced a few songs by his new band, Austrian Death Machine.

His impersonation is dead on. The video is dumb and the singer is too hard even for my taste. But the, ” Get to the Choppa!” is a line used in Predaor. He is a very talented impressionist, and has managed to make a living out of it, which is a really brilliant take on the angle.

(PS, don’t watch the whole video, the chorus is the only amazing part)

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