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The second of Fallout 4’s DLC is soon to hit Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam. The  followup to Automatron, the Wasteland Workshop promises to make some interesting changes  to your post-apocalyptic world. Bethesda Softworks has released an official trailer for the DLC,  teasing some of the fun we can expect. Building creatures, designing custom homes, gladiator  style battles? Yes, please!!!

On April 12 fans will get their opportunity to dive into Wasteland Workshop for  themselves, and all for a paltry $4.99 – or included automatically for season pass holders. For  the next week we can watch the trailer and plan what grand schemes we will enact on the  Commonwealth. The Workshop will allow players to design their own creatures, as well capture  those wandering the Wasteland, killer Mirelurks or house cats if you’re in need of a companion.

Once your stable of beasts is complete you can tame the herd or set them into battle Coliseum  style. Adding to the fun is the ability to customize your home, from lights and signs to the mounted heads of the aforementioned beasties.

Fallout’s DLC packs are always fairly popular with players and Bethesda does a nice job  of giving us our money’s worth. With the Workshop costing a mere five dollars, the bang for your  buck potential is relatively high. Fallout 4 has one remaining DLC after Workshop, the highly  anticipated Far Harbor. Allowing players for the first time to leave the Commonwealth, and  venture into the wilds of Maine. This will open up a brand new case to solve, as well as adding  the largest area ever via DLC.

Check out the trailer the Workshop Wasteland and start planning your apocalypse  designs!

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