It was almost 25 years ago the last time that Bruce Campbell fought Deadites on the big screen. For years, fans wanted a fourth Evil Dead movie in a theater near them, but in the era of Peak TV, doesn’t it make more sense to bring Campbell, and Ash Williams, back to the fold in a longer, more complex adventure on the small screen? That was how it shook out with Ash Vs Evil Dead, but being on TV meant Ash couldn’t fly solo anymore. He needed sidekicks, and one of them, Dana DeLorenzo, appeared at Fan Expo Canada Friday to thank the fans for their support and tease them about what’s coming in season two. 

“This really is a fanbase like I’ve never seen in any genre,” said DeLorenzo. “I feel like a rock star half the time, and I’m so grateful to the fans because without you guys, this show would not exist. This show is a love letter to the fans.”

Oddly enough, it was because of that rabid fanbase that DeLorenzo had concerns about joining the cast of Ash Vs Evil Dead in the first place. “I was really scared coming into it because I know the following that this franchise has,” she explained. “I was really terrified because this could go so wrong, but you guys totally embraced the show, and embraced Pablo and Kelly and we’ll be covered in blood for as long as you guys want.”

How much blood? Well, one scene in the new season involved some 26 gallons of blood, which is hardly a record for Evil Dead, but according to DeLorenzo the season wastes no time in getting her doused in the red stuff again. “It’s double the laughs, double the gore, and quadruple the blood,” DeLorenzo said. “I’m more excited than you guys, I think.”

One exciting addition to the show is Ted Raimi, brother of Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi whom he usually collaborates with. The addition of Raimi marks a Xena reunion for Campbell and Lucy Lawless, who all appeared on that show. “Ted is playing this ridiculous character named Chet,” DeLorenzo said. “He’s a complete burnout and makes Ash look like the president, so it is going to be a lot of fun.”



As for her own character, DeLorenzo lent some insight into Kelly’s frame of mind at the beginning of the upcoming season. “At the beginning of season two Kelly has a lot of pent up rage,” she explained. “Kelly’s ready to go, she knows what she’s doing. but now she’s working behind the bar while Ash is playing beer pong with sexy coeds. So she teams up with Ruby because she’s the one taking action. She flies the coop for a bit and we’ll see how that goes.”

On top of that, the universe, and the danger, is going to get bigger. “It’s not just Deadites anymore, these demon spawns are impossible to kill, and Kelly was right, evil is going to take over the world,” DeLorenzo said. “They have their work cut out for them and this season has the most dangerous villain that Ash has ever faced in the entire franchise, and I can’t say more than that. Do not eat before you watch the show,” she warned.

Ash Vs Evil Dead returns in October on Starz.

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