As compared to her Arrow co-star John Barrowman, Katie Cassidy‘s Q&A at Fan Expo Canada on Sunday was sedated; there were no show tunes, no fans were spanked, and there was no discussion of accidentally sharing spousal nudity on Facebook. Instead there were a lot of questions about Cassidy’s time as the Black Canary and her alter ego Laurel Lance, and at least one mention of her character’s possible future despite the fact she was killed off last season on the CW superhero show. 

When asked about the “Flashpoint” storyline on The Flash, one fan said they were interested in seeing the implications for Laurel and the Black Canary. “Me too,” Cassidy said. “The thing that’s cool is that I have a deal to go across all three shows this season. In what capacity, I don’t know, but the thing that’s really great about it is that it could be as Black Siren, or as Laurel in flashbacks on Arrow, or time travel with Legends.”

Cassidy’s already made one comeback as Laurel, in the season two episode of The Flash called “Invincible” that introduced Laurel’s Earth-2 doppelgänger, the villainous Black Siren. “After we said goodbye to Laurel one of the producers called and asked if I would like to play a villain on an episode and that sounded so cool,” she explained. “It was a lot of fun and I felt like I needed to play against the dialogue, because its a little creepier when you’re a villain and you say things with a smile on your face.”

In other matters of contentiousness, Cassidy was asked about the social media experience, particularly the friction between fans of Laurel and fans of Felicity played by Emily Bett Rickards, and how she handled it. “I don’t understand why, Emily and I love each other,” Cassidy said. “I don’t read the comments because of the negativity. Some of us do read the comments, but I just don’t because it’s mean, and negative, and it doesn’t bring anything positive to me, so I handled it quite well because I didn’t know it was happening.”

Despite the negativity of social media over certain developments on the show, Cassidy talked very positively about her Arrow experience, and not just the scenes playing a superhero. “The court room scenes were fun, but any scene with Damien Darhk was no fun,” she joked about prosecuting season four’s big bad. “Playing an attorney is awesome, but it’s the hardest thing because legal jargon in the court room scenes are the hardest to learn. I can emotionally attach myself to the dialogue that’s being said, but with the legal stuff it’s words on a page and words you don’t use in your everyday life, so it’s different work but it’s rewarding.”

Other interesting factoids from the Q&A: the sonic device was naturally Cassidy’s favourite gadget from the show, green is her favourite colour (“It always has been, its just sort of ironic that I’m on Green Arrow,” she said), and she’s been roommates with both her TV sister Caity Lotz, and Dr. Snow from The Flash, Danielle Panabaker who was also at Fan Expo. “They’re both very good as roommates,” Cassidy said, “But Danielle and I never really saw each other because she was on The Flash and it takes place during the day so at 6 am when she’s going to work, and I’m going to bed.”

In the spirit of keeping things positive, Cassidy said that she was glad to have a chance to suit up as a heroine that was just as kick ass when the costume came off. “Laurel was a big part of the grounding aspect of the show and she was kind of the heart of the show,” Cassidy explained. “She was independent and strong and I like how she out of everyone could stand up to Oliver and then I got to turn into a superhero on top of all that.”

As to what Laurel, and Cassidy, turn into next… Stay tuned.

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