The stage was set, the fans were in their seats, but when the time came for the curtain call of the man once known as the Green Ranger (then White Ranger) on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Jason David Frank, he wasn’t there. For the nerdy ready to revel in the glory of one of the original Power Rangers, it was a blow to the excitement level on this first day of the National Fan Expo, but as the fates would have it, Frank wasn’t snubbing the con, he was stopped from entering Canada at the border. What gives? We have the deets.

First of all, yes, people can be banned from coming to Canada, strange as that may seem. In Frank’s case though, it wasn’t because he’s got a lengthy criminal history (he doesn’t), it’s not because he was trying to smuggle anything illicit into the country (he wasn’t doing that either), and it’s not because he has a history of hate speech and/or human rights violations (parish the thought). No, in this case, it’s all business.

Let’s let Frank explain via his Instagram:

After a very long and restless night, i am very saddened to say that I was denied entry into Canada. After the mess in Winnipeg I was flagged for bringing in merchandise. I submitted all necessary documents and did all the necessary research to be allowed in and to my understanding this was fixed. I was honest and told customs what I was going over for; however, with all these Comic Con it is getting harder and harder to be allowed entrance. It is very disheartening to have tried time and time again to reach out to my Canadian fans and not be able to, but I will not give up. I’m sorry team, but I tried. Now I have to fix this mess and try to get back home to Houston.

The Winnipeg Incident occurred last November, and involved Frank’s appearance at another Canadian con, the Central Canada Comic Con in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Here’s the story from Frank’s Facebook fan page:

I’m here in Winnipeg, but unfortunately due to not having a business visa I was not allowed to stay. During the interview I said I was there for personal reasons and that I was going to attend the Comic Con. When they saw all the merchandise they saw that I was there for business and needed a business visa. I travel all the time to different countries and I have never had a problem with being allowed into a country or obtaining a visa. I didn’t know that I needed a specific business visa. I’m very sorry and apologize to all my friends in Winnipeg.

So to everyone attending Fan Expo hoping to complete their signed-merch collection with something of the Jason David Frank persuasion, you’ll unfortunately have to leave empty-handed. As for Frank himself, hopefully, he’ll be able to resolve these misunderstandings with the Canadian Border Agency Services soon.

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