Coming at you with not one but two fantastic fan films. One is an impressive Portal fan film the other French fan film in which Batman fights Wolverine. Yes, you read that right.

Earlier today we posted a Portal stage show from Fanime. That was cool, but this fan-film is wayyyyy better. Dare I say, “it takes the cake”? Assuming Portal 2 never happened, Outside Aperture, an eight minute fan film by EisenFeuer, takes place immediately after the first game. Before the story was retconned with the Party Associate dragging you back into the facility, this take imagines what happens to Chell after she escapes the the Aperture Science Laboratories.

Basically, she finds an abandoned house, still stocked with food, and begins a new life being paranoid and using her Portal gun for mundane things, like throwing out trash and scratching her back (1 portal gun, a corner, and then you are set for life). Oh, and she makes several cakes while crying, then falls asleep, lol.

Sounds kind of simple, but, it gives a minimalist representation of the human condition: post-traumatic stress disorder, fear, joy, anticipation, happiness…etc. Combined with the cinematography, music and direction that even without the source material makes it unique and wholly entertaining.

Based on the best game, hot girl, amazing effects. How can you dislike this?

source: Geekologie

In our second film, Batman Deliverance from Atomic Productions, Batman fights Wolverine. Wait, I already mentioned that, but why is Batman fighting Wolverine? Well, being a noir-inspired, French film, it’s hard to say. I’m guessing symbolism. The roughly nine minute film is heavily influenced by Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight Returns, in where an aging Bruce Wayne is coming to terms with his legacy and death.

It’s my guess that Wolverine in this film represents either death or Bruce’s want of vengeance. So he’s a creation of Batman’s subconscious or some such artsy-fartsy nonsense. But does this really matter? You want to watch Batman and Wolverine kick each others’ asses in the crossover film neither Marvel nor DC want to admit is a fantastic idea.

source: TheMarySue

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