Stargate Universe – spun from Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis – has its place in fandom. Unfortunately, that very fandom wasn’t strong enough for the show to last beyond its two seasons, with it getting cancelled in 2011. Now 4 years later, and despite the shows lukewarm success,  a passionate fan has taken to Kickstarter in hopes of funding another season. He needs $50 million and 50 days to do it. Talk about a long shot. 

I have to be forthcoming and tell you that I know nothing of Stargate Universe. I was a fan of Stargate SG-1 and casually watched Stargate Atantis. When Stargate Universe, being yet another series (inspired from the 90’s SciFi film) came into the mix, I felt all things Stargate had reached critical mass and I quickly got burnt out from the brunt of it all. The Stargate universe itself had over extended itself and progressively lost its audience along the way. At least I think that’s what happened. How else do you explain Stargate Universe failing to live beyond its 2 season deal? From what I hear, it was a good show, giving a fresh take on the franchise and featuring a strong cast of actors. Again, where was the audience?

Regardless of SU not meeting its metrics to carry on, there is a fan base for it. Passionate fans who have wished for more adventures. Now, being that we’re living in a Kickstarter era where a lot of new and old content is being crowfunded, everyone thinks their favorite once forgotten and forsaken shows can see new life. Veronica Mars did it, why can’t other properties? Such is the case with Jonathan Annett, a fan of Stargate Universe who is taking it upon himself to try and raise $50 million to bring the series back for a third season. Annett admits he is “simply a fan of the show, and am not affiliated with any of the cast, crew, writing staff, producers, studio or special effects companies who produced SGU.” Annett writes:

Rather than attempt to contact the rights holders and suggest they run a campaign, I decided to take it to the fans. We get the money together, we take a big fat cheque to those concerned, and we let that money talk. My role in the project will firstly be to get the parties in a room and work out a deal, including ensuring all backers rewards as offered can be met by these agreements. After this I will ensure the rewards offered to all backers are met, until the completion of the project.

All the power to Annett, but he’d have better luck slipping the creatives to SGU $10 to find out which characters died, who lived on and who screwed who. Currently, Annett’s Kickstarter has $4,226 (in Australian dollars) of the $50,000,000 goal, with 50 days to go. Sorry kid, it’s not going to happen. And, I say that out of love and understanding. I’m saving my $50 Million for the Firefly kickstarter.

However incredibly unlikely it is for Annette to reach his goal, there is much to be said given that sites like Nerd Bastards, The Mary Sue and Blastr are reporting on it. Annette is making some noise. Maybe he’ll get enough attention for the SGU creatives and SyFy Channel to do something with the property. Perhaps a comic book or web series?

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