Project Akira, an online collective of fans, has created one hell of a live-action Akira trailer. It looks and sounds amazing and really makes you think that a full-length live-action version of Akira could work. Yes, even I said “Hey, seeing a live-action adaptation might not be a bad idea” after watching this thing. But don’t be fooled! Walking down that path will end in heartbreak.

That being said, this thing is a work of a beauty and shows an admirable faithfulness that only a fan can bring. 

The special effects and budget aren’t at the levels that a studio would provide but they’re still damn impressive. The acting (what we see of it, anyway) is effective and the mood is perfectly captured. The shots of Neo-Tokyo really evoke the art Katsuhiro Otomo created all those years ago. All mixed together with some epic, truly cinematic music and you’ve got yourself a fan film to be proud of.

However, don’t expect to see a full-length version of Akira on the big screen any time soon. And maybe you shouldn’t even hope for one. Director Jaume Collet-Serra (Orphan, Non-Stop) has been attached to making an Americanized take on Akira for quite a while but the project hasn’t gotten anywhere. Lots of names have been tossed around for casting, including Garrett Hedlund, James Franco and Andrew Garfield. While those are fine actors, the complete white-washing of the cast ticked off many. The idea of taking Akira and placing it in America felt like a complete betrayal of the source material. Fans were not into it and the project stalled repeatedly and is currently dead. Probably best it stays that way.

This work from Project Akira proves that a live-action version of the story could work, at least visually. The material is there and would make one hell of a blockbuster. But, like all adaptations, it has to be treated with respect. It has to be faithful and not some cash-grab. Therefore, maybe it’s best if Akira lives on as a flawless anime and renowned manga.

Like all beloved classics, Akira belongs to the fans now and this trailer just proves that.

Source: Cinema Blend

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