Fan-Made Doctor Who Anime


Yes folks, what you see above is a fan’s anime rendition of the Third Doctor. One, Paul “OtaKing” Johnson, has been working and releasing videos on YouTube titled “Making A Proper Doctor Who Anime.” Johnson’s anime style is very similar to the 80’s style as he has claimed that he was inspired by Macross and Bubblegum Crisis. He has released 4 videos since of February of 2009 and has about 11 minutes of footage done since he does it all hand drawn.

Johnson is planning to pitch the final cut to BBC just to see what can come out of it since they own the rights to the Doctor. Being the resident anime guy on NerdBastards, I can say that it’s nicely done and I do appreciate the classic 80’s style the clip has and figured, why not share this with the readers of the site. I’m curious to hear your opinions on an “anime” version of the Doctor as he is an icon in the nerd culture.

Check out all 4 clips after the jump as it features the Third Doctor, the Master, Daleks, Cyberman and more and tell us what ya think.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork, YouTube Acount, deviantART Account

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