Thanks to Netflix, a new generation of fans are being brought into the world of Voltron (with the release of Voltron Legendary Defenders Season 3 just dropping this morning!). Back in the 1980s, kids could play with a special die-cast set of all the tigers and combine them into a tall Voltron set. It was cool, but it was also very expensive so few kids had them and they are highly collectible now. With so many new toys hitting the market, it’s time for a new Voltron set anyone can afford and play with, so LEGO has come to the rescue by approving a fanmade set of the legendary hero!

LEGO Ideas is a program that allows Master Builders to create custom sets that fans can vote on and the Voltron one in question has been given the greenlight to go before the official LEGO board that decides on what gets created! When the set makes its way through final approval process, fans will be able to assemble all five lion robots to create the giant robot, Voltron!

Here are the images, which were submitted for approval so given some minor tweaks and changes by the good people at LEGO, the final set should look like this:

Given past production routes LEGO has taken, there will be some changes to the final design. This is due to the manufacture of unique pieces for the set, but as we have seen in previous approvals such as the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and Pixar’s WALL-E, the changes will likely be minor.

There was only one other set approved in this round of LEGO Ideas considerations. We will get to see a nice ship-in-a-bottle set, but there won’t be a release of The Iron Giant or “The Bus” from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which were also in contention. The next time the board will consider sets will be in the Fall so we will keep an eye on those upcoming deliberations, and bring that news to you here so all the nerds can stay informed on these amazing sets!

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