For all the attempts that FOX has made, they’ve never quite managed to kick off a successful Fantastic Four movie series. While there are a lot of fans out there who don’t really mind that – after all, it’s not as if there aren’t already a hell of a lot of Marvel characters on the big screen right now – it does mean that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is missing some of its bigger characters. Wizard ranked Doctor Doom, the Four’s archenemy, as the fourth greatest villain in its 100 Greatest Villain of All Time. But he hasn’t spent much time on the big screen because of the consistently failure of his superhero counterparts.

On the rare occasion he did appear on screen, he wasn’t received all that well. Maybe the expectations he had to live up to were just too high based on his comic book popularity, but a lot of fans feel like the character wasn’t given enough of a shot to be the villain they know he is inside.

Some hardcore comic book fans and budding filmmakers thought that this was enough of an injustice to take it upon themselves to give Doctor Doom the movie he deserved. Well, the short film.

This awesome new short opens in a forest in Doom’s native Latveria, with a man and a boy desperately fleeing between the trees. Between a series of flashes through the past and future, it tells the story of how a scared orphan clung to memory of his father, worked his entire life to become powerful enough to save him and finally came face to face with his less than heroic destiny.

Though it does cram a deep and moving story – one that could easily fill at least one feature length movie – into a concise thirteen minutes that explores a lot of the plot through narrative, this short is the closest thing that Dr Victor von Doom has to a worthy movie adapation.

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