Fox‘s Fantastic Four reboot has been a symphony of Hollywood blunders: production problems, fan backlash, and the studio’s inability to properly respond to or market the movie to fans has put a bad taste in just about everyone’s mouth. What’s interesting is that a simple cross promotion video from handles the marketing of the movie better than those tasked with the job at Fox.

Here’s a promotional poster:


Here’s the video. It’s quick, but certainly seems to get to the point. If Fox had been doing little things like this when production began, instead of ignoring or poorly handling production publicity, more people might be willing to give the movie a chance.

How simple was that? I have come to believe that this movie will be good. I am worried about the box office though. Those that are still complaining about casting Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm won’t be dissuaded from their opinion and buy a ticket no matter how good someone they know says the movie is. Word of mouth might not save the box office for Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four, but I do think there is hope.

Remember what happened with World War Z. That film was also mired in production problems, marketing problems, and fans of the book that were very vocal on the Internet. Word of mouth from those that actually bought a ticket for the movie helped turn that around. What everyone thought would be a flop, ended up earning $540 million world wide.Although critics and movie goers loved the movie, those die hard fans still lament how different the movie is from the book.

Could the Fantastic Four end up following that same path?

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