Talk about synergy! With this fall’s pending release of the remade It, and the international phenomenon last year of creey clowns, the timing could not be more perfect for an in-depth documentary about the legacy of Stephen King‘s classic 1986 novel about a monster in the form of a clown. A group of filmmakers with experience in the field of making documentaries about vaunted horror properties, including King’s own Pet Cemetery, are already at work on the project, and they’re turning to social media and crowdfunding to raise the budget to get it done. They’re hoping you’ll float too at the thought of an It doc. 

Via ComingSoon, we submit for your approval Pennywise: The Story of It, which will dive into the making of, and the legacy of It, the King novel and the 1990 TV miniseries that was based on it. Director Chris Griffiths and his team – who also made  Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II, You’re so cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night, RoboDoc: The Creation of RoboCop, and Unearthed and Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary – have hours of behind the scenes footage lined up, an opportunity to interview Pennywise himself: Tim Curry, and the love and dedication that only true fans could bring to such a project. So far, as of Thursday morning, 57 per cent of their £20,000 has been raised with a month left till deadline.

Take a look at their pitch below.

From Dead Mouse Productions Ltd and Cult Screenings UK Ltd, makers of Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II, You’re so cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night and RoboDoc: The Creation of RoboCop and John Campopiano, director/writer of Unearthed and Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary comes this brand-new documentary Pennywise: The Story of IT. A fully independent retrospective into the making of Stephen King’s IT and its cultural impact over the last 28 years. Supported by dozens of the original cast and crew including Tim Curry, Tommy Lee Wallace and Bart Mixon Pennywise is made by fans of the IT for fans of IT. The crew have already received support from over 20 of the cast and crew, including acquiring over 2 hours of never-before-seen set footage from SFX wizard Bart Mixon, as well as loads of archival and behind-the-scenes photos and there is no doubt that by the time of production many more key players will be attached to share their amazing stories about one of the most iconic movies ever-made. 

You can learn more about Pennywise, and donate to their efforts here.

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