After suffering through some of the shortest, most spoken over (Yeah, I’m talking about you Entertainment Tonight announcer guy) teasers and pictures we’ve finally got something from the upcoming Captain America movie that gives me hope. I got goose bumps listening to Tommy Lee Jones quote Patton, and seeing Cap and the Howling Commandos burst through the door guns blazing (Dum Dum Dugan on the Cap’s right, Hell Yeah!). Take a look at the trailer below for Captain America – The First Avenger opening July 22, 2011.

Not bad. I can’t wait to see that beautiful red, white and blue shield get slung at some Nazis. The movie’s had it’s ups and downs during the casting of Chris Evans as Captain America with some fans foaming at the mouth and others just happy to see any Captain America movie made. Aside from any casting controversy and international movie distribution name changing I’m hopeful this movie will be a fun summer blockbuster that will keep that Avengers movie hype rolling. Everything I have seen about the upcoming May 6th Thor movie has me excited to see the Asgardian in action. Bring on the Avengers!

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