Oh man, how I hope we’re in for a real show. The trailer for Warner Bros. and DC‘s latest animated feature has promised great things, and this clip only continues to do so. It’s our first tiny tease of things to come in The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 releasing September 25th. Wow, I just put it together how fantastic a day that will be for superhero fans because it’s also the DVD/Blu-ray release date for The Avengers. Plan your Tuesday accordingly is what I’m saying.

Anyway, the clip recreates an iconic moment from the classic story of Bruce Wayne’s return to the cowl, one that was included as a little homage this summer in The Dark Knight Rises.

What’s not to love about Batman leaping through the night sky, lit up by a giant streak of lightning? It gives me chills. I’ve got high hopes for this flick and can’t wait to hear Peter Weller‘s take on the aged Bruce. Are you excited for The Dark Knight Returns Part 1? Man, it’s gonna suck waiting around for Part 2.

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