There’s still plenty of dead time until the October 12th season five return of AMC‘s The Walking Dead. Until then, we’re sure to get a lot of on set videos and pictures as well as a few actor interviews. All of which will be designed to pump up our expectations and desire to tune in. Those marketing marvels over at AMC have started the ball rolling with this on set video of the first day of season five shooting.

Season five starts up right where it left off with Rick and company trapped in a rail car at Terminus. Will we have to suffer through a few episodes of their captivity? Will the entire group reunite? Take a look at the teaser on set video below and then meet me on the other side to discuss.

Greeting from the set: The Walking Dead: Season 5

From all indications the cast and crew are predicting a slam-bang first episode of season five without any dreaded filler episode to wade through first.

Andrew Lincoln, group leader Rick Grimes says:

It’s the most ambitious first episode we’ve attempted.

Norman Reedus or Daryl Dixon as his legion of fans know him had this to say about the script:

It’s one of those scripts that every couple of pages you’re just like, “Oh my God,” and you have to put it down for a second and just think about it.

Tyreese played by Chad Coleman says:

After I read 5-01 I just said, “Wow.”

From all indications we can expect this season to jump right out of the gate and get all up in our faces with action and excitement. Of course we’ve heard the same thing the past four seasons, and they haven’t disappointed this NerdBastard yet.

Next up we’ve got a video that looks at some of the actors and crew’s favorite explosions, zombie kills, and props they’ve used in the series so far.

Props, Kills, and Explosions: The Walking Dead: Season 5

That was a nice trip down Walking Dead Memory Lane. Was your favorite zombie kill one of those mentioned? There are a number of questions that were left hanging at the end of season four. Those Walking Dead writers are masters of leaving us hanging between each season.

Will Rick and gang escape BEFORE one of them ends up on Mary’s grill?

Will Tyreese, Judith, and Carol fall into the Terminus trap?

Where the heck is Beth and will she save the day at Terminus?

Will Carl find more pudding?

Will Beth sing for her captor?

Will baby Judith get her first zombie kill this season?

Will Daryl find true love?

Will a series regular die in season five?

Those are my burning questions about season five of The Walking Dead. What plot point are you most worried about in season five?

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