It’s the moment of truth. After months of promo art, hints from interviews, spy set pics, and other tips, we finally get to see the new Ghostbusters in action. Paul Feig‘s remake of the 1984 classic has gotten more than its fair share of scrutiny thanks to the director’s bold decision to cast four female comedians in the roles of New York City’s professional paranormal investigators and eliminators, but today we get our first hint if whether or not the gamble is going to pay off. But while the trailer isn’t laugh out loud funny, it does show a lot of promise as both its own unique entity, and as homage to the Ivan Reitman original.

Who you gonna call?!?! (Hint: Not He-Man.)

Having a ghost projectile vomit ectoplasm on Kristen Wiig is a pretty bold way of opening the trailer, if not wholly original because Scary Movie did it first. But still, you didn’t actually seen Venkman get slimed in the original Ghostbusters, did you? The new arrangements of the Ghostbusters theme by Ray Parker Jr. were pretty cool, and the ghosts look like they’ve been updated from the design of the spooks from the previous films, so the look and feel of this Ghostbusters is pretty solid.

As for the laughs in the trailer, there were definitely some chuckle worthy moments, but nothing that really said, “rolling-on-the-floor-laughing.” That could mean one of two things, either Sony is confident that people are going to find it funny so they’re not putting the film’s big laughs out front, or are there aren’t many, if any, big laughs. Given the pedigree of the combination of Feig, Wiig and Mellisa McCarthy, we’ll lean more towards the former than the latter.

Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Neil Casey, Andy Garcia, Charles Dance, Michael K. Williams and Chris Hemsworth co-star.

Ghostbusters will be in theaters everywhere on July 15.

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