The CW released a first look at Teddy Spears as the Golden Age Flash using a recreated classic Flash Comic Book Cover. It’s the fantastic Flash #123 by legendary artist Carmine Infantino, which features both the Modern Day and Golden Age Flash running on opposite sides of the same brick wall to save a person in trouble.We got our first tease of Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick in the season finale when the helmet pictured below came out of that worm hole thingie and clattered around the floor. Harrison Wells sees the helmet and remarks that is time for him to get going.


Here’s the cover recreation:


The Flash of Two Worlds is a classic Flash tale and cover and a nice nod from the television series to the source material. The Flash series has done a wonderful job of sprinkling in references and hints about other heroes in the DC Universe. Let’s hope the second season continues to please.

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