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You’ve got to credit director Paul Feig – even in the midst of a fairly good-sized fan backlash about his upcoming, all-female, remake-sequel-kinda-thingy Ghostbusters, he’s still willing to share some behind-the-scenes stuff from on set.  After a few pictures came out recently of principal cast members Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, and Kate McKinnon shooting a couple of scenes, Feig has now given everyone a nice and clear look at the new Ghostbuster uniforms that the gal-pal quartet will be wearing in the film.  Behold the photo:

new ghostbuster uniforms

I’ve got to be honest here… I don’t think there’s much here that people are going to be able to hate on.  The orange stripes provide a very utilitarian aspect, and they certainly make sense, given the hazardous nature of ghostbusting.  I haven’t heard anyone make this joke yet, so I’m going to go ahead and take full credit for it: you could say that Orange Is The New Flashback!  Right?  Right?  *crickets*

I think the shin guards are a nice touch, adding to the dangerous-job feel, and it doesn’t appear at this point that the unis themselves feature the stitched-on nameplates that the original two films had.  Just in case you’ve forgotten, here’s what the “classic” uniforms looked like:

No sign of the proton packs in the new picture, but I would certainly imagine that they will make an appearance and feature heavily in the film (see the linked news article above to check out one of the pictures taken from the first shooting on set, where you’ll be able to see McCarthy holding what could potentially be a Containment Unit for a specter).  These uniforms also appear to be in fairly good shape from a physical standpoint, meaning they will likely be used early on in the film’s plot, before the girls might get a little rough-and-tumble when the proverbial ectoplasm hits the fan.

One positive note about this movie not being called Ghostbusters 3: the logo featured on the right shoulder is the classic “no-ghost” version and not some campy nonsense with the ghost holding up three fingers.  If that would have happened… well, let’s just say I’ve got a finger that I’d be holding up right back at the ghost.

Sound off, Super Nerd Friends: what do you think about the new uniforms?

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