Comic book tv show continuity is thrown to the winds on this week’s  NBC series dramatic series Harry’s Law, where  Smallville alum and former Lois Lane Erica Durance fills out the scrapped Wonder Woman outfit.  Erica’s upcoming guest spot on Harry’s Law, has her portraying a somewhat mentally unstable Annie Bilson who only believes she’s Wonder Woman. Granted, it’s only a guest spot, but the Wonder Woman costume looks wonderful on Durance.

Check out the clip from this Wednsday’s upcoming episode:

It’s great to see that despite David E. Kelley‘s Wonder Woman television reboot fiasco, the costume still fills out way better on Erica then it ever did on Adrianne Palicki. Maybe there’s still hope for a DC Wonder Woman  if enough fans rave about the episode and it gets good ratings.

Via: TV Guide

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