The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a force to be reckoned with.  Marvel Studios has managed to bring in billions of dollars in box office receipts with their very well produced movies.  On the television side of things, Marvel has had a bit of staggered success.  While their network television series’, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter, have received rather lukewarm ratings, Marvel’s first Netflix series, Daredevil, earned some well-deserved high praise from both viewers and critics alike.  The next Marvel Netflix series to which viewers will be treated is the upcoming Jessica Jones, which stars Breaking Bad’s Krysten Ritter in the title role.  Netflix has just released the first official images from the series and while there may not be much action in the shots, the look and tone of the series shines through brilliantly. Take a look at the gallery below, which features the main characters of the series.

In case you were wondering, yes, that is indeed Luke Cage (Mike Colter) tending bar. Some other great call outs here are the shot of Jessica Jones with the mysterious Harper (Carrie-Ann Moss), Jessica and her best friend Trish (or “Patsy”)  Walker, who eventually holds the title of Hellcat, and David Tennant looking brilliant as Kilgrave aka The Purple Man.

Jessica Jones is a former superhero who is suffering from PTSD.  However, once a hero, (almost) always a hero, and rather than battling the bad guys with her fists, Jones decides to open a detective agency to help investigate superpowered issues to make a difference.  Much like Marvel’s Daredevil series, the character is not without her demons.  However, in the words of series EP Melissa Rosenberg:

They’re very different kinds of characters. Jessica is about paying rent and getting the next client. She’s dealing with a fairly dark past. She’s trying to get through the day. She’s not really trying to save the city. She’s trying to save her apartment. At her core, she does share something with Matt Murdock, and he’s a little more aware of it, that she wants to do something good. She wants to contribute to the world. But, there are a lot of personality issues for her that can get in the way. … Matt Murdock has been studying martial arts. He has extraordinary fighting skills. Jessica Jones is a brawler. She gets drunk, she gets pissed off and boom, you’re down. She doesn’t wear a costume. She doesn’t have a mask. She’s just who she is. She’s an extremely blunt, direct person, and that applies to the action, as well.

If that quote alone doesn’t get you pumped for the new series, nothing will.

Are you excited for the series?  Which characters from the comics do you hope will pop up in the new series?

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