Arrow has earned the love and admiration of comic book fans for its thrilling weekly adventures of the Emerald Archer, and the way it’s captured the spirit of the comic book Green Arrow on the CW TV series. But fans don’t love all aspects of the show universally, and more often than not, Katie Cassidy‘s character, Oliver Queen’s ex-girlfriend Laurel Lance, has been something of a lightning rod. Hate her, or feel indifferently about her, from the start of the show, we’ve known Laurel has a destiny to join her ex’s war on crime in Starling City, and this season’s been making a move toward that in earnest. Apparently though, destiny is coming sooner than we think because below you can see Cassidy, for the first time, in full Black Canary gear.

The officially publicity photos were released yesterday by Warner Bros. Television and The CW, and they show Laurel (and Cassidy) ready to kick @$$ and take names when the show returns from its holiday break in January, which is the first time that Laurel will don the Black Canary alias and fill the very fine leather boots left by her sister Sara (Caity Lotz). Et Voila!



If you haven’t been keeping with Arrow and don’t mind being spoiled, the story goes that Sara is killed by an unseen assailant in the third season premiere. The grief forces Laurel to find a way to cope, and she’s been coping by training with ex-boxer and ex-vigilante Ted “Wildcat” Grant, and more and more she’s come to the conclusion that, like Batman, she can best take away her pain by taking out criminals.

The costume itself is an agreeable update from the outfit that Lotz war for much of season two. It’s a bit more battle formal than the previous version of the costume, which seemed a bit more casual when Lotz was Black Canary, and there’s also a definite lack of what you might call “Canary cleavage,” but overall it fits Cassidy pretty good. I know Laurel doesn’t have a lot of fans amongst the Arrow faithful, but I think the writers have been very good this season about building up a story for Laurel that’s both believable and compelling to continue her course from mild-mannered lawyer, turned strung out waste case, turned determined young woman with a thirst for justice. But a lot of people loved Lotz as the Canary and would have liked to have seen her stick around permanently, so Cassidy’s going to have a lot of convincing to do.

Look for Laurel “Black Canary 2” Lance to take Starling City’s dark alleys by storm in Arrow’s tenth episode of its third season  called, mysteriously, “Left Behind.” It will air on The CW in January 2015.

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