Not long ago we shared the news of Telltale Games’ second, comic book based game releasing later this year. Based on the Vertigo series, Fables, from Bill Willingham the game, The Wolf Among Us, follows Bigby Wolf on a murder investigation and will serve as a prequel series for the comic. This decision to make the game a prequel allows for it to be accessible for newcomers as well as long time fans.

In the latest issue of Game Informer they preview the game in great detail. Talking not only about the advancements they’ve made with their narrative games since The Walking Dead but what other characters from Fables we’ll meet in the game. For instance, Snow White, readers know her as a love interest of Bigby and in The Wolf Among Us we’ll see that relationship develop. Snow White will also play a role in how choice effects the outcome of the game as the player can choose whether or not to betray her trust.

Here’s a few screenshots they shared,

As you can see it has a very similar style to The Walking Dead, but the character design and colors are more in line with Fables.

If you want to learn all there is to know about The Wolf Among Us, like how the fighting style will differ from The Walking Dead, do go read Game Informer’s article; it is, if anything, very informative. Did you play Telltale’s The Walking Dead? Are you excited for their take on the Fables‘ universe?

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