We reported last week that The Avengers‘ sequel had already started filming in South Africa, and while we didn’t know exactly what was being filmed there, word has been going around that the first 10 minutes of the film would be taking place in the city of Johannesburg. Thanks to a handful of pics taken from the set, and an eye witness account of the filming, we now have some insight on what might be going on in this first scene from The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The set pictures, which you can see below, definitely show something that you’d expect to see, once the big green monster hits the streets. Cars flipped, pedestrians running for their lives; it’s basically what you’d expect. According to a local, that’s almost exactly what was going down. We don’t see it in the pics, but they were apparently filming a scene in which “Hulk was battling someone,” and that they’ve been doing quite a bit of work with Hulk’s FX stand-in for the scenes filmed so far.






One has to wonder, just who could Hulk be battling in the opening moments of the film? Could they start the movie by jumping right into a fight with the film’s namesake villain, Ultron? It’ll be quite a bit of time before we know for sure, but I’d love it if we could start the movie with Hulk already in smash-mode.

What do you think, Nerd Readers? Let us know about your speculations and theories on these set pics, and be sure to check back for more new on The Avengers: Age of Ultron (in theaters May 1, 2015).


[Comic Book Movie via Blastr]

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