Unless you live in a whole, under a rock, which is under an even bigger rock you’ve heard about the unprecedented move DC Comics is making come September to relaunch their entire line. And if you have somehow avoided this news one, bully for you, that’s some damn impressive isolationism and two, you are who DC wants to snag with this new promotional push. (Particularly if you’re a male between the ages of 18-34, because, apparently, they’re the demographic that really matters. Not that I’m bitter about be cast aside by the comics industry, again, or whatever. Grr.)

Anyway, my repressed anger aside, Bleeding Cool released today the official presentation video from DC Comics announcing the relaunch. Well, not so much announcing as validating. The video features snippets of Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Bob Harras and Eddie Berganza explaining how excited they are for the relaunch and why it’s needed to re-energize their line of comic books. There are also flashes of the cover artwork featuring many of the redesign characters, but really, you can check out every cover for the new 52 relaunch in our Nerdy Bastards Guide to the New DC Universe.

Are you excited? Are you a a complete comic n00b whose been ensnared by these 52 new #1’s and plan to enter the comic book nerd fold? Are you a long time fan whose really frustrated by these changes? Sound off in the comments. Also, if you’re still a little unsure of what this whole relaunch really means, Newsarama has a great list, Busted! Fact-checking Ten MYTHS About the DCnU you should really check out.

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