Just in case you were worried that you might never see another installment of the Flintstones franchise – do not fear! For the powers-that-be have determined that the property is once again marketable. This time, however, they’ll be avoiding the live-action format that helped contribute to the absolute mess that was the 1994 Flintstones movie and the 2000 sequel, Viva Rock Vegas. Yes, we’re going to be getting a bona fide Flintstones animated movie.

The new production is coming to you via the folks at Warner Bros. The script will be put together by Chris Henchy (Land of the Lost) and is being produced by Adam McKay and none-other-than Will Ferrell. Whether this team can put together something worth watching or not remains to be seen.

For those that don’t know what the Flintstones is, you should promptly slam your own penis is a doorway. Seriously. It’s a classic 60s cartoon set in the Stone Age that features cave-dwelling folks such as Fred Flintstone, his wife Wilma, Fred’s best buddy Barney Rubble and Barney’s wife, Betty. Together, they get into all sorts of Stone Age trouble. Funniness ensues.

Any Flintstones fans out there? Looking forward to seeing an actual animated version of the story on the big screen? Hoping that it might wash the taste of that 1994 flick out of your mouth?


Source: THR

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