As J.J. Abrams was announcing the new cast for Star Wars Episode VII yesterday, FOX was quietly canceling Abrams sci-fi police procedural show Almost Human starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy. Many people won’t be surprised. The show never really got off the ground in the ratings department, but do you know why?

Those of us that watched the show and were perplexed by the turn about changes in character of Karl Urban’s John Kennex, as he darted from intense turmoil about what happened in the pilot to basically forgetting about the whole thing and back again. Then the back and forth relationship between Kennex and Dorian that seemed to take huge leaps forward and then just as suddenly revert to the pilot’s animosity.

Don’t forget all the other story sub-plot lines that seemed to get started and then strangely dropped in the series. Those might have tipped off viewers who suspected that there would be problems with the show’s ratings, which might in turn hamper the show from getting another season to develop.

Why were series plot lines so jumpy, leaving the ratings to never stabilize at an acceptable level? The main reason the show never took off can be squarely placed at the feet of those at FOX who made the decision to run the series episodes….

Wait for it…

Yep, you guessed it…


One would think that FOX might have learned something from Firefly, but no, that two by four was obviously not big enough to make a lasting impact. Here is how the episodes were aired and in parentheses the order in which they should have aired.

  • 1 Pilot (1)
  • 2 Skin (5)
  • 3 Are you Receiving?(6)
  • 4 The Bends (7)
  • 5 Blood Brothers (8)
  • 6 Arrhythmia (3)
  • 7 Simon Says (10)
  • 8 You Are Here (2)
  • 9 Unbound (9)
  • 10 Perception (4)
  • 11 Disrupt (11)
  • 12 Beholder (12)
  • 13 Straw Man (13)

Is it any wonder viewers lost interest in story lines that were introduced, suddenly went nowhere, and then just as suddenly roared back into the show in for an episode, only to just as quickly get dropped when the episode’s order jumped five or six spots?

I went back over the weekend and watched the Almost Human episodes in the order they were intended to air and it made a huge difference in my opinion of the show. There was conflict and character development that made sense and which would have helped drive ratings and gain more viewers. Don’t get me wrong, Almost Human is no Breaking Bad or Mad Men, but it was never supposed to be and never really got the chance to be all that it could have been.

Shame on you FOX…shame.

On a side note the only good that could come from this might be that Karl Urban now has more time available for a Dredd sequel.

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