Word is making the Internet rounds today that Fox is gearing up to give Alan Moore‘s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen another go at the big screen. I wouldn’t get any hopes up that Moore might pitch in on the script, he’s more likely to set the script on fire with his mind powers. What we do know is that Fox has brought on Ira Napoliello and Matt Reilly to oversee the remake.

If you’re wondering who they are, you’re not alone. They have one recognizable movie production credit between the two of them. This doesn’t fill me with a lot of hope for the project. A group tried to bring a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to the small screen with Michael Green (Green Lantern screenwriter) as the show runner a couple of years ago and never got past the pilot stage.

This all may just be a method to retain rights to the property, the studio throws a couple of bucks at a half-hearted attempt to reboot the franchise and makes enough to fend off any claims that they have abandoned the rights or letting the rights revert.

Until we find out who is writing the script, directing, or starring, we won’t know how much effort Fox is really putting into this project. The first film earned $180 million world-wide on a $78 million dollar budget. That relative success was enough to keep the franchise on a slow burn, but not enough to kick-start a sequel.

Personally, I am not thrilled by the news. If I wanted to see anything of Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen I would rather see:


At least it would be something different…

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